FENCE partners represent the whole spectrum of media researchers and practitioners, combining broad range of capacities in tackling disinformation. FENCE will not only analyse disinformation campaigns, build capacity and create relevant content for raising public awareness but will also create a marketplace for verification services, allowing interested citizens to gain knowledge and now-how on the topic.


In response to the urgent need for more efforts to combat disinformation phenomena in Bulgaria and the SEE a Consortium of five partners was created under the FENCE initiative. The partners will join forces to build capacity among professional communities, to raise awareness among the general public, as well as to increase general resilience in…


Analysis & DetectionAnalysis and detection of harmful disinformation campaigns at national/regional level and their impact on society and democracyExpose campainsExpose disinformation campaigns, including their impact on society and democracyMedia literacyMedia literacy activities at national/regional level

Aims & Objectives

FENCE / Building resilience for safeguarding political debates in EU SE frontiers aims to address the problem of disinformation in line with EDMO’s main objectives: improve detection, coordinate responses, work with online platforms and practitioners, raise awareness empower experts and citizens to respond to disinformation online. The particular aim is to establish an effective mechanism…